The narcissist’s little chess board.

This is their whole point. It is why they do what they do. They set out to hurt you because if they can hurt you that means you care for them. When they see that you care enough to be hurt by them, they feel secure in the relationship and get their meaning from the relationship. Up until that time, they didn’t know if they were a permanent fixture, because you are not a permanent fixture to them. They probably don’t even really like you. Why should they feel any security?

After they hurt you and you do not leave, they know you love them. So now, it turns into a fun little game. They make it up to you, somehow. They convince you that it was just that one time, or whatever lie suits their need. Things calm down and you get over whatever it is that they did. Then, they do something disturbing and hurt you again just to make sure that you still love them after all. They turn that pain into some sick affirmation of love in the relationship.

Narcissists are insanely sensitive. They constantly obsess about the most important thing to them in the world:

Their social status.

Now that I say this, I’m sure you can remember back to times in public where the narcissist felt their social status was under attack, and reacted disproportionately. It really is in some cases more important to them than their life.

It is the illusion of high social status, which is also called their “mask” that enables them to indulge in their wicked first love – abusing, belittling, bullying and devaluing others.

Narcissists are insane, and very, very sensitive to changes in status.

Anything you can do to lower their status in the eyes of others, particularly their greatest rivals (often brothers or sisters, work mates) causes the narcissist searing agony, a festering wound that will torture them for years to come as they replay it over and over and over again in their minds.

How you do this is up to you.

You spent a lot of time being very careful not to insult the narcissist, and learning how to please them, you are intimately acquainted with their weaknesses. You know who their greatest rival is.

What’s more, you are actually far crazier than they are, which is why they chose you. They knew it would be easy to smear you on the way out as a nutter, so that no one would believe you. What they didn’t count on was you embracing your madness, and becoming cunning, furious, deranged. Somewhat Borderline.

May I just suggest that if you don’t have overwhelming evidence – video, text, audio, that you think laterally and eschew the direct approach? You might just turn out as silly….

2 thoughts on “The narcissist’s little chess board.

  1. Limiting my comments to Chess as a game meant for the most intelligent brains, we need to understand the reasons as to why perharps people behave in ways they do. Is it that they have trauma, or ego that needs feeding oe even perharps they are trying to assert authority they never had from the beginning. Remember the truth is on the board. The game has a pieces and its a game of power.

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