Anger is an alert from your body to inform you that something is wrong. If you can become aware of what you are feeling and WHY you are feeling it rather than just feel anger, you can become resourceful at understanding your emotions and dealing with them better. In this way, anger can be a positive emotion. Therefore, we need our anger for our survival. It also helps us set up boundaries and can be a positive thrust toward getting our needs met (if we know what our needs are). Just because you get angry does not necessarily mean you have a problem. Anger is, after all, part of the natural response that helps us to protect ourselves and others. Here are some examples of when anger is helpful and healthy.

Anger is not a very complex emotion, it can cover up other feelings alike a mask. Most anger comes from depression, anxiety, hurt, resentment, envy, jealousy and many others. Anger can come from very small things building up a castle of annoyance and irritation.

Childhood trauma, feeling hopeless and powerless, violated disrespected or tried….



This is an acronym that helps you examine your emotions before taking any action on them. It works for anxiety and I think it would be applicable for anger too. Are you (Hungry, angry, lonely or tired) ? This will help you figure out what exactly you are feeling.

Are you really Angry or just depressed, sad, frustrated, or even just broke. What really is pushing your buttons and is it really worth taking away the little happiness you have worked so hard to achieve in this complex life ? If the answer is no …then it is really important for you to let go and move on.

1: Admit you are angry or anxious. This is the first step to solving wha

Are you angry because of frustration

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