“Personality begins where comparison ends” There is no need to compare yourself with others, be happy and find satisfaction in your own work.

COMPARISON: Many times, knowingly or unknowingly, we create false stories in our heads based on comparison. When I was starting to write about mental health, it looked like everyone had a blog, this instigated a lot of self doubt because it felt like there was no room left for an amateur scribbler like me. There were like 30 million people ( educated and more informed about this than I was /am) already writing….with a bigger audience at that! So I started to compare my drafts with other people’s published content and yeah, I was writing kindergarten stories. I started to second guess myself because what was the point of me moving toward and writing??….who was going to read my “things” (I wasn’t even sure if I was making sense). It really took a toll on me and I started to question whether this was something I wanted to go ahead and do.

REALISATION: I had to sit with myself and realise that this was my ego speaking and I was feeling this way because I would not get out of my head into my heart. Once I was able to tap into that inner space, to ground myself to calmness and self-realisation. I connected to the truth exclusive of the comparisons, I was able to remind myself that everyone’s journey is different regardless of whether we are taking similar steps or doing the same thing. Our paths are different, they have different beginnings, in-between and endings. Them doing what they are doing is apart of their journey and I was not going to reck my own journey by comparing it to theirs.

Pointing out the similarities and differences, what they were doing better than I was about to do was a disservice to my abilities, process, the blooming, blossoming and generally disrespectful to my worth. I was literally blocking the blessings the universe had in store for me. I am saying all this and it seems easy but it takes discipline and self actualization. You have to work towards recognising who you are, what you want, how you want it and following the path regardless of the fact that very many people seem to be doing the exact same thing. It’s not always going to be easy to snap out of your comparison conspiracies but here are…


If you are tired of this comparison limiting your growth, here are a few tips that can help you appreciate your own journey. To discover the uniqueness in your path and the perfection in your species of creation :

Examine your thoughts and name them: In that trying moment when you start to compare yourself with others, take a deep breath and recenter yourself back to a place of clarity and inner knowing. Examine what you are feeling and why you are feeling that way. Name what you are feeling, is it envy, jealousy, fear, unnecessary hate, anger, uncomfortabity or unease? When you do that, it helps you clarify the situation.It brings clarity to the parts of you that need healing and releasing.

If someone else’s journey makes you feel like you hate them or makes you feel inadequate in anyway, there is definitely a deeper reason and root cause for those emotions. By tuning into your inner voice and taking that breath to ground yourself, you will hopefully figure out the root cause of these( usually unhealthy) emotions you are experiencing.

Remind yourself that you are not your thoughts, you are the observer of them: It is as simple as “what you think you manifest” so if you can check your thoughts and come back to the truth of it all which is that; those thoughts are not who you are, then you are shifting everything. You are opening yourself up to let go of the comparisons and reminding yourself of your worth and who you are. Do you feel that strength? Yes , that us the kind of assurance you will need to embrace your path in its seemingly invisible uniqueness. You are not your thought but your thoughts can determine who you become. Choose which thoughts you want to observe.

LASTLY, HOW ABOUT YOU TRY TO MIMIC THEM? Don’t raise your eyebrows yet….I am not in anyway telling you to live your life like someone else but borrow some knowledge, pick a leaf and build up on that. Do as much learning as you can from people who trigger your feelings of envy, jealousy, inadequacy or even fear. Do not steal someone’s idea, try to learn and study from people that inspire you. Their habits, routines, life hacks, behaviour and mindsets because that’s what helped them to get into the attractive space that they are in.

I know we all have issues with comparing ourselves and our lives to other people and I hope these tips help you snap out of your compare-holic tendencies, move forward and chase after your dreams. May be they could help you appreciate your journey and the fact that we learn from what is already in place, our paths are completely different from those who are perusing the same career as ourselves. We are our own type of unique and nothing can beat this kind of mindset.

To self discovery and appreciation.


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