Modern day “BASIC”

What is the purpose of life? Many will wind around different points, I will tell you the real one and you probably don’t even know but you subconsciously work towards it. ACCUMULATION. Unfortunate right! We come to the world to gradually gather and acquire as much wealth as we can before we die and leave it all behind. Now it sounds pathetic.

From the time a child is born and attains an education, they are taught to strive so hard and excel so as to get a highly paying job or any money source really. Just work hard and be filthy rich. The irony is in the fact that you can have all the wealth in the world but still feel unaccomplished and dissatisfied. Present day success comes with questions of how much do you have, what do you have to offer, how many people know you, how influential are you; even when you are not really that sensible, the crowds on social media singing your praise, but in the end there will still be many people ahead of you. The list goes on and the more the wealth the more the questions. Answering to a society that is more interested in banter than knowledge.

Because we grow up in societies that have such a perspective of life, it is hard to keep it together because of the uncontrollable adrenaline rush in the quest to keep your numbers above the established social belt of success. Away from the long term wealth accumulation, let us notch it down to our daily way of life;

The quickest path to depression and anxiety is thinking low of yourself. Feeling discontent, unworthy and below the prevailing societal standards. I know it is a comparative world but;

Why is it always you trying to reach other people’s standards? Why is it not them trying to catch up with your pace? Why are you not the trend setter? Are you not bright enough?

Are you living for yourself or are some parts of your life borrowed? Do not let yourself drown in the mass because you don’t want to leave anyone behind yet you can swim to the shore. At least history will remember that you saved a life!Stop living in the shadow of “that’s what everyone is doing” and set your own terms and conditions. Keeping in mind that working on yourself is an infinite spectrum, I hope this write up helps you in one way of the other.

Today I will be talking about how to use minimalism as a way of improving your mental wellness …. It is a movement that has been around and you were probably considering it but you kept putting it off from resolution to resolution. This could have probably been because everyone thinks minimalists are living in self denial or self sacrifice. But is it as bad as the “YOLO” society depicts it? Minimalism can also be defined in a whole tone of ways but one that covers everything up is doing away with everything except what you need, and this is how minimalism restores your mental health;

Living a minimal life, and I’m not referring to having one bowl in your kitchen cabinet from which you eat and drink, NO; that is poverty, you probably need to get a second job or work extra shifts. I know we are in a fast moving world but what is the essence of pacing up to the world and dying of anxiety because clearly you are not successfully living up to the goal. You are not bolt and the world moves faster than he sprints. Now you have to beat yourself up and nurse feelings of self imposed failure for a race you could have chosen to sit out.

Do not confuse minimalism with settling for a broke life please. Minimalism is intentionally living with only the things You really need—those items that support your purpose. Removing the distraction of excess possessions so that you can focus more on those things that matter most.

Creating space can be physical —be your own interior designer, mental —declutter your brain to allow growth and new adventures, spiritual— free up your spirit of hate, resentment, fear and let your soul bloom into positive and Godly thinking. Let go of negativity whether it is from friends, family, workmates and employers. Freeing up space, helps you prioritize on what you really need and this does not only corner on tangible material. Minimalism requires you to organize your priorities according to importance, and what is more freeing than dropping unnecessary baggage to focus on what is key?!

In lay man language, it is more like keeping your Old phone which is in good condition instead of spending on the latest version whose upgrades in function are not even in your list of phone needs. Not having a fifty pair of shoes goal yet you are always wearing your black flip-flops and pumps on every other occasion. Getting rid of all those things in your house that you do not use anymore. Creating room for a potted plant, have space for your indoor workout so you do not have to spend on the gym when you can workout at home on your yoga mat. This saves you money and creates more convince. Minimalism is like turning off the background data of the apps you do not use often to save data and battery for those that you are using. For the android users who do not understand that, you can refer to deleting apps you do not use to free up space for better phone functionality.

A prerequisite for healing is space, and minimalism is the right “guy” for that. Taking an example of relationships,you have to painfully move away from those that keep breaking you and taking you back into depression, only then will you allow room for better connections with people that value your sanity. Those that you need. And I am not saying, CUT PEOPLE OFF! No! Just reduce interactions with people and things that are not good for your mental health. Anything that makes you feel worthless is definitely not good enough for you. Block it’s access to you. Let them/it wave from a distance.

Prioritizing a sound mind over a crowded mind slowly rejuvenates your soul and brain into making more intuitive decisions in life. There is a level of self confidence and worth that comes with choosing right. Liberating yourself from anything that is not necessary to make space for what is essential.

Following the notion, “ less is more, there is no fuss or need to have a lot especially if it is not helping you as much as everyone presumes. You are living for yourself not the public, let that sink in. It is definitely okay to not hop on every trend that is making rounds on media. It is okay to have nothing to say and not be persuaded into saying it. It is okay to mute the world and ride solo sometimes. It is okay to have no clue about things, you do not have to know something about everything but you have to have an open mind to let in new knowledge. But where will it go if your brain is cluttered with a lot of “crap”. CLEAN UP!!

Create a happiness of your own from simple things that are easily accessible to you,things that you truly love not things that the world is shoving down your throat. Things that will not have you disorientated and disloyal to your true self. Take a step back, away from the crowd and drown yourself into self realization. Pick out what you need leave what you don’t. Free yourself from unnecessary intricacies.

A minimal life breeds satisfaction from things everyone considers as basic and that over there is an unbeatable super power. Come to think of it, life is always full of issues arising one after the other so the only way to keep happy is by making peace with all the things you have no control over and this is only achievable if you learn to live with what you need. Then, you will have problems that you need and easily find a way to solve them. I know having more is quite exciting but is it really necessary? The ability to live a simple life intentionally gives you contentment of the heart which means no amount of luxury bandwagon will get you depressed or feeling unfulfilled especially in times of crisis. If this is not peace then I do not know what to call it.

So if you are breaking or already broken, try working on a few things and the biggest accomplishment will be yourself, as soon as you get that simplicity in check, you will realize that there was never really a point in running after every moving thing/trend and trying to fit in the box that society has designed for you. You will get the time to catch a breath and everything will finally make much more sense.

You will not have to live your life chasing numbers, the number will build up on their own because you chose to set the pace at which your life would ride. You are in no haste and free of bandwagon pressure. You decided to pursue what was indispensable and live a simple but fulfilled life. You feel worthy of life’s trophies because you have done your part.

Design your simplicity to fit right into your Sophistication and live happily ever after.

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